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Mechanical Engineering

Cost-efficiency and performance are the driving forces behind our mechanical engineering and design services.

Navigating the mechanical engineering and design of your project requires a partner with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. ColeBreit Engineering is a full-service Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering and design consulting firm, because all of these systems work hand-in-hand. Our team of licensed professional engineers brings more than 100 years of combined experience to the table to deliver the expertise you need.

At ColeBreit, we integrate a holistic understanding of your objectives to develop robust, cost-effective, high performing systems. Our goal is to find the delicate balance between efficiency and effectiveness, designing systems that will fulfill the unique financial and performance goals of your operation and occupants while meeting all local and state code requirements. A seamless design will take your facility to the next level by optimizing production, maximizing your bottom line, and providing the operational infrastructure to grow your business. ColeBreit will be your partner in system design, equipment selection, code compliance, and scalability to ensure your business is poised for success.


  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and advanced building ventilation systems to reduce the spread of disease and lower the risk of exposure

  • Natural ventilation systems

  • Cogeneration systems

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Advanced control systems

  • Building and thermal mass system design

  • Ground source and radiant system

  • Water use reduction

  • Wildfire smoke mitigation and system resiliency

  • Energy life-cycle cost analysis

  • Energy and natural ventilation modeling

  • Underfloor and displacement ventilation

  • Ground-coupled heat pump heating/cooling

  • Radiant heating and cooling

  • Thermal mass analysis

  • Facility condition assessments

  • Central utility plants

  • Energy modeling

  • Natural ventilation modeling

  • Sustainable design

  • LEED documentation



Designing and maintaining sustainable and renewable bottom line. Efficient and automated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can dramatically impact your short and long term profitability and indoor comfort to occupants. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers will take important factors into consideration to provide the right equipment recommendations and design reliable, efficient, and cost-effective systems you can trust to perform.


ColeBreit’s depth of experience has made us experts in navigating the construction, code, and regulation processes to ensure compliance with your local jurisdiction. Our team knows what questions to ask, what to look for, and which documents you need. We will keep the design of your project on schedule, on budget, and done right the first time around.

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