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Energy and Sustainability Services

ColeBreit takes the big picture approach to energy reduction.

The importance of sustainable design decisions can be seen throughout a building’s life cycle, by way of easier maintenance, lower utility costs, and longer building life. A reduced carbon footprint leads to less greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the energy that contributes to greenhouse gas comes from office buildings and residential buildings that rely on outdated or inefficient energy systems. By designing more energy efficient systems and buildings, we’re reducing our overall impact on the planet. Building owners will enjoy reduced operating costs and sustainable designs that include alternative energy systems and utilize renewable energy harnessed from solar, wind, or water.


Building owners can quickly recoup the costs of installing high efficiency and alternative energy systems. As buildings continue to operate with reduced monthly energy costs, overall operating expenses will be reduced. While sustainable energy systems can be a larger investment upfront, the value continues to grow with each year of use.



Any improvement in energy efficiency within your existing building can lead to significant cost savings and other benefits. ColeBreit’s energy audit services will help you find the best way to invest in improving building performance. An energy audit is the first step to develop a comprehensive energy management strategy for the ongoing life of your building. An energy audit from ColeBreit will provide you with a clear understanding of current energy consumption in your buildings and facilities, and identify potential improvements to be made, and put your building on the path to optimal performance.


  • ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3 Energy Audits: A Level 1 audit, as defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is a high-level overview of areas of energy inefficiency to make changes or as a foundation for further auditing. A Level 2 audit breaks down your building’s energy consumption and identifies areas to focus on for improved energy efficiency including specific energy efficiency measures to be implemented. A level 3 audit provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis for intensive capital improvements.


  • Utility Energy Audits: ColeBreit is a strategic partner in performing energy analysis and audit service for utility programs, including certification as an Allied Technical Assistance Contractor (ATAC) with the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Existing Buildings program. ColeBreit can assist in getting engaged with your local utilities energy programs to receive incentives for building improvements often including free audit and analysis services.


Achieving high performance buildings requires an accurate understanding of how energy is used in the building. Energy modeling is a crucial tool used to inform the important decisions related to energy efficient designs.


ColeBreit delivers state-of-the-art energy modeling services throughout the United States using the best available building modeling software. Our team has decades of combined experience using energy modeling as a powerful tool for everything from quick energy studies to the most complex full-building annual simulations for net zero buildings. If you need support on complex projects or implementing an energy plan, ColeBreit can help. Whatever stage your project is in – from conception to implementation – let our experienced team help you make the best possible decisions for the future.



  • Early design shoe box modeling to support design decisions

  • Building Energy Modeling (BEM) and building analytics

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • Quantifying techniques such as radiant floors and thermal mass

  • Modeling ventilation, air distribution, and HVAC control strategies

  • Understanding and evaluating carbon footprint

  • Energy benchmarking

  • System concept screening

  • Energy/carbon analysis

  • Daylight harvesting analysis

  • Modeling daylighting and advanced lighting controls

  • Façade analysis

  • Thermal bridging analysis

  • Condensation studies

  • Renewable feasibility analysis

  • Thermal massing analysis

  • Infiltration studies

  • Solar penetration shading

  • Fenestration performance modeling

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Risk assessments

  • Active asset management

  • Integrated design process (IDP)

  • Design Performance Modeling (DPM) Identifying areas of opportunity

  • Implementing higher LEED certification rating



Designing and maintaining sustainable and renewable energy systems means a deep understanding of the environmental and climate benefits of energy technologies, as well as understanding the short and long-term economic benefits of the investment. Wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and geothermal energy are just some of the clean energy system designs that ColeBreit can help implement. Clean renewable energy is a key component for energy efficiency sustainable buildings with the ultimate goal of Net Zero Energy buildings. Our team has deep expertise in PV design including site investigation, solar production analysis, commissioning, and battery storage. Our team can help you design and install a renewable and clean energy system for your new or existing project.


  • PV System Design

  • Solar water heating for domestic hot water and building heating

  • Geothermal source systems​

  • System commissioning

  • Renewable system potential evaluation and optimization

  • Net Zero Energy building design

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