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Plumbing Engineering

When plumbing engineering is coordinated properly with the mechanical and electrical system design, the result is a better functioning building.

Plumbing engineering, often underestimated in its importance to a successful project, is the engineering of water and drainage systems. Primarily, these designs are driven by code with the ultimate purpose to protect public health. In addition to water and waste systems, ColeBreit Engineering provides plumbing engineering and designs that use current and proven technology, conserve energy and water, all while prioritizing the health and welfare of the occupants.


When plumbing engineering is coordinated properly with the mechanical and electrical system design, the result is a better functioning building. All of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) decisions that go into a facility design inform initial cost, overall ease of building management and maintenance, and long-term sustainability factors. For example, specifying low-flow fixtures and using grey water for toilet flushing and irrigation, can significantly reduce water use.


ColeBreit provides plumbing design for commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, institutional, healthcare, and educational project types, as well as specialty systems throughout the United States. We have mechanical engineers that specialize in plumbing engineering and our highly experienced plumbing team provides innovative, code-based, and cost-effective solutions, are members of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), and remain current with the latest technologies.


We approach our plumbing solutions with your building’s unique requirements for efficiency, functionality, and life cycle in mind. Our deep expertise in a variety of plumbing engineering services allows us to assist with new construction, renovated projects, residential and commercial buildings, and buildings used for almost any purpose.


  • Domestic and recycled water systems

  • Sanitary, waste, and vent drainage systems

  • Natural gas and propane systems

  • Greywater systems

  • Water treatment reclamation and recycling

  • Rainwater harvesting system design

  • Solar hot water/thermal system design

  • Computer simulated pipe sizing and design

  • Water conservation and water use reduction

  • Local, state and federal regulatory compliance

  • Commercial and residential domestic hot water systems

  • Deionized water systems

  • Compressed air equipment and piping design

  • Medical and dental gas systems

  • Laboratory, medical, and dental vacuum systems

  • Acid neutralizing pre-treatment systems

  • Commercial kitchen grease waste systems

  • Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design

  • Roof drainage

  • Commercial kitchen plumbing systems

  • Systems specific to multifamily high-rise buildings, including drainage sudsing relief and domestic water booster pumps



Responsible water systems design is part of ColeBreit’s commitment to sustainability. Well-designed plumbing systems allow for greywater conservation, which involves easily maintained systems that conserve water, reduce septic system stress, and save money. Water treatment systems for reclaiming and recycling water is a responsible approach given the scarcity of water in many parts of the country. ColeBreit can help you with rainwater harvesting system design or solar hot water/thermal system design for your project.

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